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General well-being is fundamental in everyday life. It gives you motivation, happiness, inspiration, drive and just a good feeling. We strive for a better sense of well-being every day, but sometimes we need some help to discover what is preventing us from getting there.

At Heal It, we can help you overcome the barriers that are preventing you from feeling at your best. We can get you feeling satisfied with your career or relationships through our counselling services. Or perhaps you need a boost and have been feeling sluggish in recent times. Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help you accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal from a variety of conditions.  

If you’re concerned about your general well-being, sitting down with one of our understanding and experienced practitioners can help you on the path quicker than you thought.

General Wellbeing


Counselling combines the use of various techniques depending on the qualifications of the practitioner.

General Wellbeing

Detox Ionic Foot Spa

We currently live in a world full of toxic waste, contaminated water, exposed to environmental hazards such as progressive reduction of forests, erosion, reduction of the ozone layer, global warming, electromagnetic radiation, stress, etc.

General Wellbeing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The air in our atmosphere is approximately 21% at sea level and this gives us life, fuels our cells energy, and provides the building block that our bodies need. Without oxygen our bodies cannot build our continual cell replacement. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe, tried, and tested way to increase the oxygen absorption process.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is how to utilise the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

General Wellbeing

The Beck Unit

These units can be booked and used at the same time as using the hyperbaric chamber. The device consists of two conducting elements that are gently strapped to the wrist and the pulsar unit sends a very mild 4.2 hertz signal between the two elements.