Quentin Strauli Profile


BSc., D.R.M., Bowen Technique Trainer, NLP Masters Practitioner Trainer, Hypnotherapist, TimeLine Master Practitioner & Trainer

Quentin set up the Glebe Healing Centre, now renamed Heal It, over twenty years ago and is the diector of the Australian College of Traditional Medicine. Quentin is a qualified master practitioner and trainer of N.L.P., Hypnotherapy, TimeLine and some of his bodywork techniques include Bowen, Sports Injuries, Neurolink and Remedial Massage. He is also a registered instructor of the Bowen Technique and a past chairman of the Australia Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Quentin is involved in the presentation and production of a weekly health programme for Radio 2SER in Sydney called Panacea.

Alison Johnson


Alison is a well known Sydney Naturopath with more than twenty years experience. She uses herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, iridology, bach flowers and counselling. Alison specialises in General Naturopathic Practice and has a particular interest in female reproductive system problems, endometriosis and fertility.

Alison is the Naturopath on the Good Medicine Website; appears frequently on television and in print, and was Dean of The Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

Please Call 02 9566 1222 to make a booking. (online booking currently unavailable for this practitioner)

Alison specialises in these therapies:


Emma Strauli

Emma has been training under Quentin Strauli for the past few years and is developing as a practitioner with a range of modalities.

First starting her career at the High Spirits Institute. Learning the ways of the Hawaiian healers ‘The Kahuna’s’ and their healing massage techniques.

Emma continued to learn body work taking on Bowen Therapy training followed by NLP, TBT and Hypnosis at The Australian College of Traditional Medicine (ACTM).

Emma specialises in these therapies:

Integrative Energetic Medicine


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Tania Browitt

Tania believes that the human spirit has a vast potential and is always seeking ways to grow, her intention is to see people master their full potential. “Live a life of bliss and happiness”.

Tania has her masters in NLP, TBT, Neuro Relationship Therapy and Hypnosis. As a practitioner, she has a unique ability to empathize and bring an alchemy of change to persons life with her coaching and modalities. She also has a Master of Fine Arts in photo media and communication. Currently lecturing in 21st Century Design thinking.

 Are you getting enough out of life, self or others?

We are complex, wonderful and have every trait in the world within us. We are all wired uniquely and at different times require fine tuning. Restoring the mind body and spirit is complex and achievable. Tania believes that not one modality is enough to restore original balance within.

  “We have the ability to expand our personal awareness and be able to positively influence both self and others with a more balanced perspective of life, love and self”.

Our stories are important and create our reality. When we become more curious about life and self, we start to have more and more flexibility in our behavior. Our values are malleable just like our neurology and physiology. Come and explore your own rhythms, blocks, values, patterns, limited beliefs, dualities, phobias, procrastinations, difficult feelings, highs and lows. Turning your cognitive and familiar behavior into desired results that bring about change and action.

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Alexandra Forsyth

Bowen Technique, Polarity.

Alexandra began her healing journey as a health care practitioner in 1996 when she completed her Reiki I and Reiki II in Melbourne.

Travel broadened her horizons as did further studies including TimeLine, NLP, Bowen Technique at The Australian College of Traditional Medicine (ACTM) and now Polarity Therapy.

Polarity Therapy helps to balance the five elements, remove energy blockages and create better energy flow which leads to better health.

If your interested in finding out more about Polarity Therapy, you can contact Alexandra directly on 0410 001 786. 

Appointments with Alexandra are available on Monday’s at Heal It, 2 Stanley St, Leichhardt, N.S.W. 2040. 

Please Call 02 9566 1222 or Alexandra directly on 0410 001 786 to make a booking.

(online booking currently unavailable for this practitioner)

Alexandra specialises in these therapies: